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One of the tastiest Beef Wellingtons you'll ever have! Everything is perfection- the pastry, and the premium beef shank that cooks perfectly every single time! This unusual bundle will definitely be a talking point in every party! 

Beef Wellington & Cocktails Includes: 

  • 06 Craft Beer by Trouble Brewing
  • Beef Wellington by Patisserie G

This Bundle comes in a Calico Bag which can be repurposed. 

Suitable for 2-4 pax


This Item IS NOT AVAILABLE For Same Day Delivery and Will Be Brought Towards The Next Available Date (You Will Be Notified By Our Team)



Brick Head Pilsner

Classic European-style refreshing Pilsner to combat the heat of the tropics. This beer holds a rounded bitterness with herbaceous, floral hop notes. Heavier than a Lager, but equally refreshing.

Dodgy Tip Pale Ale

Full bodied, aromatic, and full of flavour with a big kick. For hop-lovers with notes of roasted malts, torched maple with a spicy finish

Road Hog Session IPA

Delightfully "hoppy" creating a crisp finish. Hosting citrus hop notes of juniper berries to a grainy roasted malt, this beer has a rounded bitterness

Singapore Pale

Light, refreshing and easy to drink, our beer pours a crystal-clear light golden colour with a foamy white head. Singapore Lager drinks smooth, crisp and clean - and pairs brilliantly with many different types of food, whether alongside a burger or with your favourite laksa.

Stolen Boat Summer Ale

A summer sweetness from the malt, with a short bitter finish. This Ale hosts sweet bread notes with hints of honey marmalade and a caramel, fruity hop finish.


Beef Wellington & Craft Beer


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