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Enjoy the indulgence of a chocolate and coffee combination, especially on a lazy day at home, or simply to surprise someone! 

The gorgeous flavours of the Fossa Chocolate selections that we've picked gives an amazing all-rounded taste of quality, small-batch chocolate made in Singapore. 

The coffee beans from GK Coffee are sourced from South East Asia, and which have been roasted in margarine and sugar to extract the wonderful aroma. Nothing beats an aromatic cuppa wherever you are! 


  • 02 Chocolate Bars by Fossa Chocolate 
  • GK Kopi (150gm)
  • Matte Mug (personalisation available) 
  • Omakase bouquet (from +$38 onwards)

 This bundle comes in a calico bag, which can be repurposed. 


At Fossa Chocolate, they make chocolates and confections that are truly handcrafted from scratch in their workshop in Singapore.

The sourced cacao beans are roasted, cracked and winnowed and refined into chocolate, which are moulded into bars and individually packaged by hand. By carefully handcrafting in small batches with no additives, Fossa is able to showcase the unique flavours and nuances of each batches of cacao.

Please click here to read on the flavour profiles 


GK creates blends which tantalise the tastebuds and give you that much needed "oh-la-la" anytime of the day. Staying true to their philosophy, their coffee beans are sourced from South East Asia. It's brought to life through their 2 premium local blends. 



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Chocolate & Kopi


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