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The gorgeous flavours of the Fossa Chocolate selections that we've picked a luxurious taste of quality, small-batch chocolate specially made in Singapore. 


Chrysanthemum Tea

Tasting notes: Chrysanthemum fragrance layered with notes of honey and a long sweet lingering finish

Chrysanthemum is a symbol of longevity and rejuvenation. Brewed as a tea, it is believed to have cooling and cleansing properties. Prized chrysanthemum buds (杭州胎菊) sourced from Zhejiang, China, are blended with fruity cacao from Rehoboth Estate, bringing forth elegant floral aroma and notes of honey with a long sweet lingering finish.

Ingredients: Cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, chrysanthemum flower buds

Kokoa Kamili 100%

Tasting notes: Lemon zest, Biscuit, Roasted nuts

In the Kilombero Valley surrounded by highly fertile land with good rainfall, Kokoa Kamili pays a premium to farmers for their ‘wet’ cacao, and conducts its own fermentation and drying using progressive techniques.

This is a zero-added sugar chocolate that is surprisingly pleasing to enjoy. It is well-balanced and not bitter. Our 100% preparation highlights the biscuity, nutty flavours and natural sweetness of the cacao.

Ingredients: Organic cacao beans

Kokoa Kamili 72%:


White Sesame & Seaweed

Tasting notes: Notes of caramel and sesame with a lingering umami of seaweed and subtle toasty aroma from the puffed rice

This luscious bar has roasted white sesame seeds pounded and added with dried seaweed into our signature caramelised white chocolate. A generous topping of dry roasted puffed rice lends a toasty flavour and provides a crunch.

Ingredients: Natural cocoa butter, milk powder, white sesame, cane sugar, puffed rice, seaweed, sea salt 

Honey Orchid Dancong Hongcha

Tasting notes: Lingering lychee sweetness with a biscuity undertone

International Chocolate Awards 2019 Gold Award winner.

A collaboration chocolate with rare tea curator - Pekoe & Imp.

Mi Lan Xiang (Honey Orchid) is a dancong tea cultivated in the Phoenix Mountain of Guangdong Province.

This lot was hand-harvested from Zhen Ya village in Spring 2010. Made into a Hongcha (western black tea) and further aged for eight years, this tea is incredibly smooth and creamy with very low astringence. It has a characteristic lychee fragrance and red date sweetness. Complemented by the biscuity Kokoa Kamili cacao from Tanzania, it is a delicious bar to be slowly savoured.

Ingredients: Organic Cacao Beans, Cane Sugar, Natural Cacao Butter, Milk Powder, Tea Leaves

Burung Indonesia

Tasting notes: Olive, Raspberries, Figs

Burung Indonesia is BirdLife International in Indonesia. The organisation works with smallholder farmers to produce high-quality cacao while protecting the environment where 1,777 species of birds dwell. This micro-lot comes from the Popayato-Paguat Landscape in the Province of Gorontalo of Indonesia.

Ingredients: Cacao beans (72%), cane sugar 

Salted Egg Cereal

Tasting notes: Singaporeans' favourite tze-char dish in a chocolate bar

International Chocolate Awards 2017 and 2018 Bronze Award winner, 2019 Silver Award winner.

Homemade salted egg cereal sprinkled over a special white chocolate that has been slowly caramelized to attain a blond colour and biscuit aroma. Very addictive!

Ingredients: Natural cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar, salted egg yolk, cereal, butter, curry leaves, chilli padi, sea salt

Sea Salt

Tasting notes: Creamy, full-bodied dark chocolate with sweetness brought out by a touch of sea salt

Salt brings out lots of inherent flavours from food so it’s not unusual that we started sprinkling them over all our chocolates. The salt cuts through the creamy, full-bodied chocolate and brought out a satisfying sweetness.

Ingredients: Cacao beans, cane sugar, hand-harvested sea salt flakes


At Fossa Chocolate, they make chocolates and confections that are truly handcrafted from scratch in their workshop in Singapore.

The sourced cacao beans are roasted, cracked and winnowed and refined into chocolate, which are moulded into bars and individually packaged by hand. By carefully handcrafting in small batches with no additives, Fossa is able to showcase the unique flavours and nuances of each batches of cacao. 



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