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Staying in or wanting to surprise your friend with this.. Our Tea Party Bundle is a lovely way to enjoy your afternoons. 

Each product is made with the best ingredients and put together for you to have a pretty little time with your loved ones


All our food below contains no pork no lard

  • 04 Croissants 
  • 02 Mushroom Quiche
  • 06 Scones 
  • Mini Cheesecake 
  • Butter / Jam
  • 100gr Moreish Cookies
  • Fresh Berries
  • Gryphon Tea
  • Omakase Floral Bouquet (from +$38 onwards)

This Bundle comes in a Wicker Basket which can be repurposed. 

Suitable for 4-6 pax



This Item IS NOT AVAILABLE For Same Day Delivery and Will Be Brought Towards The Next Available Date (You Will Be Notified By Our Team)


Tea Party


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