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This Sampling boxes is for our boozy fans. We put this together because it is sometimes not easy for anyone to just choose one brand, so why not 4. We work together with Asher BWS to select the best 8 for each liquor type and pair it up with the yummiest pairing. 

Vodka Sampling Box includes:

  • 4 x 50ml Vodka* (choose from 8 Brands)
  • 2 Premium soda or tonic
  • Garnishes
  • Fresh Berries
  • Fruits & Nuts


*Vodka Profile

Russian Standard Imperia

Imperia is a premium vodka from Russian Standard. This is filtered through quartz and charcoal for exceptional purity.

Amass Botanic

Vodka with Marigold, Chamomile, and Lemon, it celebrates Nordic distilling tradition and the rich, vibrant history of Scandinavian drinking culture. Botanicals are meticulously distilled to create a heart with subtle layers of flowers folded around fresh, hand-grated citrus.

Hepple Douglas Fir

Single botanical spirit draws its flavour from just one ingredient: the needles of the Douglas Fir.This deliver the true taste of this tall giant of the Hepple woods. A surprising explosion of refreshing pine and sweet ripe melon, with undertones of grapefruit zest. A spirit of exceptional freshness and purity.

Fair Quinoa

FAIR. Vodka is a Fair Trade premium vodka made with quinoa as its base grain. It is a silky smooth vodka with a touch of sweetness on the palate.

Snow Leopard

Polish vodka, Snow Leopard is premium vodka made in small batches. 15% of the profits go to wildlife charities to help protect the highly endangered Snow Leopard - there are only a few thousand left in the wild, and Sir David Attenborough describes them as "the holy grail of wildlife"

Grey Goose

One of the original super-premium vodkas - made in France, and without doubt one of the creamiest vodkas we've ever tasted. Great Neat from the freezer.

NIkka Coffey

Made using their Coffey stills with a blend of corn and malted barley, Nikka Coffey Vodka is filtered through white birch charcoal to achieve its desired clarity and flavour profile. A rather exciting release from the legendary distillers.


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Vodka Sampling Box


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